Khalab & M'berra Ensemble - M'berra

Ville Saarni
Ville Saarni Music Reviews

For the friends of: Tinariwen, St Germain (self-titled 2015), Kel Assouf
Genre: Tuareg, electro, psychedelic desert dance music
Country: Mali, Italy
Year: 2021
Favorite track(s): "Curfew", "Reste À L'Ombre" and "Moulan Shakur"
Emoji: 👀
Random words: bridge

I was so stoked about this album after hearing the two singles and M'berra did not disappoint me at all. I think there is just a perfect balance between Tuareg music and the futuristic electro beats and soundscape. It's great that the Tuareg music really stands out here and it feels that the electronic mix is there just to support and make it shine. But still at the same time, the production is also the essence of the whole release. It's actually better if you just listen M'berra and feel the desert breeze.

"M’berra is the sound, the story, of a collective of Malian musicians from the M’berra Refugee Camp in southeast Mauritania and Italian producer and electro-shaman Khalab. In a sprawling tent city rising out of the desert, out of nothingness, at the border with Mali in West Africa, brought together by spirit and circumstance, the group’s Arab and Tuareg members find solace and beauty in music and song." - Khalab Bandcamp


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