A music review of the album MZMO by DJ Massimo

DJ Massimo - MZMO

Ville Saarni
Ville Saarni Music Reviews

For the friends of: X-ecutioners, Mix Master Mike and DJ Qbert
Genre: hip hop, turntablism
Year: 2021
Country: Finland
Favorite track(s): 'Kunnes telkien taa suljetaan', 'Dunning Kruger' and 'Pimees' 
Emoji: 🎚️
Random words: magic lamp

Scratching, turntables, deejaying. This album is all about beats and great flow. DJ Massimo has gathered some of Finland's best-known "OG" rappers. As a musical journey related to the beats, the album is slightly flat and could use a bit more variation. At the same time, I totally sense that the album is built on scratching and that whole style and when only thinking that I think this is really well-made piece of music. 2021 has been a really strong year already for Finnish music from many different genres! 

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